E.R.A. 1.14 album artwork
Release Date: 8 Apr, 2015

Peter, the protagonist of E.R.A. 1.14, accompanies you in a trip that estranges from the violent and vacuous everyday, on new dimensions of life.

I'm Peter
You're Peter
Peter could be anyone of you

(once upon a time)
a long long time ago
year 19092
scarlet skies and cries
empty spaces and oblivion
only vacuum in front of me
i’ll forget my crystal flesh
i'll forget my crystal soul
crying for help
to get over the death
traveling in the darkest channel
just to get here
just to rise once again
i knew why where when

The shower awakes my senses, but I’d want only to sleep, to not feel myself alive.

I’d want to sleep 'till this evening, just to avoid all the things I hate in this life and not breathing this livid air. I wanted to run fast the time and now the time runs faster than me.

Life is slipping through my hands, I’m throwing it all away.

I rest here today, with my blindfolded eyes, looking for something better.

I raise my cup of bitter coffee and I imagine where I would be now; I wonder with whom I would like to be, now. I know I can do extraordinary things out of this prison cell, as sleeping on your heart, listening to the vibration of our life.

I think it's time to play the next level.

The night is beautiful with its faded contours, and it's easier to hide the mask and the fake smile. "How do you have fun? How do you pretend to be so fine during your free hours? Drunk puppets! I can't communicate with you. I see you as a bad, sad variety on tv. Then I turn off".

This is a new way home. The dawn that closes my day, that I see before going to sleep, always has the most beautiful shades. Purple and orange win against the lead and everything seems clearer. What I want is not just close to me … what I do want is Me.

Defenceless, without lies, without anger, without shame, I will learn to fly. I know, I will do it. At the end I've always won against the pain, I've always found the way to survive 'cause I've always chosen to love, truly. We escaped, we hid us to exchanging the true power of sex. But now we're ready to live a new dimension.

"I'm happy to meet you dear friend and I'm happy to say how much you mean to me. I wanna explain to you how much will be easy for us to live a different life. We should not run away or fight enemies, we'll don't need drugs to defeat our fears. Everything happens to another level of perception, we must simply tune us with Life. We'll go together".

"I'm very tired and hungry for life. I wanna real thrills, shameless. Now you can give me what I need, but if you try to deceive me, I'll steal your soul, forever. We can hide and cheat the death, we can become invincible or just dust. I know what is right and what is wrong, but now I need to make mistakes to be alive... and you too, at the end, are longing the same things. You don't want anything else from me. So, we can be lost."

"You, my love, you'll be with me this time. While I'm watching you asleep, I think I love everything of you and I feel guilty for being dissatisfied while you were by my side. We'll live in this world in a different way". Now we can hear the voice of the heart and be one. Everything will resonate in that single universal frequency that will allow us to be anywhere we want and with anyone we want.

Now we have to go, we have to make the choice. “Listen, they're callin' us”. I know it seems painful to leave everything, going beyond this “good and bad”. It seems a difficult journey. But just let our soul be alive and the shadows of this illusion will disappear as snow under the sun. Because we are the same flame, that burns endless from eons of time, dreaming the worlds, again and again.

“It's time for peace that will awaken all my senses. Now I am ready to melt into the Earth and you will be the Earth. Ocean waves are coming and we’ll penetrate them with a lysergic cosmic embrace. We'll be as one, we'll breath our same air, we'll swallow the same bright blood and nothing will be like before. The universe resonates, the whale is calling us.”

i remember You
i remember Home
i remember everything
now i know my will
eons of time, eternity
i don't care, they're gone
now i'm back to my future
back to my world
now i know,
i feel our soul
and i love you all
i'm bleeding blue light
back to my bluelight

My essence yearns my world, but now I know I can't leave alone. This sacred union shakes my being from the deep up to the stars. Something great is being done. Life reveals its magic and makes this Earth a brighter home.

Bad times are gone.

No more cry, I stay here in this Life, with You.

(to be continued…)