BlueAlive are:

Fabio Perugini: keyboards, vocals, composing and arrangements
Aldo Carnero: lead vocal, bass and guitars
Monica Farronato: guitars and vocals

Old friends, with very different experiences and musical tastes , the BlueAlive gave birth to a reality that is, in fact, the summary of their personal and varied musical and literary expressions.

The common denominator in which to mix genres from hard rock to ambient electronic music to inspirational new age, is about ​​making a “total” music, without expressive limits, that could involve more senses and dimensions, even with use of 432Hz tuning during the composition and the aid of special recording techniques.

The literary aspects, also molded between rock and psychedelia, complement and complete the idea that BlueAlive have about universality and quest of different ways and levels of living, positive and without boundaries, rejecting the limiting conditioning of our current society.