E.R.A. 1.14 album artwork
Release Date: 8 Apr, 2015

E.R.A. 1.14 - The Album

ERA 1.14 is a concept album composed by 11 tracks developed in a diachronic way, mixing classical, ethnic, electronic and hard rock sonorities.

It’s a “walk through” that represents the research for a more human level of life and, in the meantime, spiritual, passing from the intolerance towards the current social canons to the recovery of more authentic values and relationships, up to a level of expanded perception and biological resonance with the rest of the universal landscaping.

The discontinuous use of the 432 Hz tuning produces to the listening a strong and involving trend that make clearly understand the sense of the whales’ voices. Peter, the protagonist, accompanies the listener in a trip that estranges from the violent and vacuous everyday, on a new dimensions of life.

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E.R.A. 1.14 is recorded at the BlueAlhouse Studio in Torino, Italy
mixed by Carlo U. Rossi at Transeuropa Home, Torino, Italy
mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Mastering - Tredozio FC, Italy

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E.R.A. 1.14 Track List

01. BlueAlive
01. All This Noise
02. Broken Flowers
03. Friend
05. Give Me Your Lies
08. E.R.A.
13. All Your Ways
21. Voyagers
34. Singing of Whales
55. ATN (reprise)
89. Life